Studio Rental


STUDIO MOVING: Please note that I am moving from the Chanticleer Ave. location at the end of December. I will be moving the Lundberg Studio at 131 Old Coast RD., Davenport, CA. I will be operational as of January 20 but may not be offering shop rental at that time. Please email me with questions:




Hot Shop Rental is only available to advanced glassblowers. 


Glassblowing Studio Rental Rates

• 8”  Glory hole 18” depth:
4 hour slot $135
6 hour $180

• 10” Glory Hole 28” depth:
4 Hour slot $160
6 hour slot $ 220

• 15” Glory hole 44” depth:
          4 hour slot $ $195
          6 Hour slot $280


Glory Hole Rental Includes:
80 Pound pot furnace
25 lbs of glass per 4 hr slot; 35 lbs of glass per 6 hr slot
1/2 of an annealer
Bench, basic tools and a selection of pipes, punties, blocks
MAPP torch
Use of knock off bench and torch
Pipe warmer and pipe cooler
Water cooler

Extra Chargesstudio_overview
$25 for each additional 25 lbs of glass
Bench torch  $5
Oxy Propane surface mix sculpting torch $15 each (2 available)
Extra half annealer $40
Fuming booth available (inquire for rate)

Coldworking Area Rental

$20 Per Hour includes:
18” diamond flat lap
4” x 106” somaca belt sander
14” cold saw
Cerium wheel
Diamond Lathe
Core drill
Banding wheel
Granite plate
Compressed air

Extra Charges
Cerium $5 per charge/bottle
Core drills $10 per hour
20” grit lap $5 per hour
20” Newcastle Stone(600 cut with 3000 finish) $5 per hour
SK 4” water fed air grinder $10 per hour for use of our tooling
Hxdl Gluing (ask for pricing)

Normal wear is to be expected on Diamond tooling. Damage to diamond
tooling rendering the tool unusable will result in a replacement charge.

Metal Shop Rental Ratespwrhmr

MIG welder $20 per hour
Little Giant power hammer
+ forge and post vice $30 Per hour

Bridgeport Mill $20 per hour
Various metal forming tools (inquire for rates)

Use of metal shop includes: grinder
wire wheel
drill press
Lamp Working Station Rental Rates

Nortel minor burner and small annealer $18 per hour
Basic tool set
Lampworking glass not included
not included