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Please note that I am moving from the Chanticleer Ave. location at the end of December. I will be moving the Lundberg Studio at 131 Old Coast Road, Davenport, CA

I will not offer classes or glass experiences during this transition period, though you can call to schedule a future date.

I expect  to be operational by January 20th, 2018. 

I am very excited to be sharing space in a place that has such a rich and illustrious history in the glass world!





Visit my Calendar Page for dates and information about upcoming workshops and classes.

The Hot Glass Experience

A 2-2.5 hour mini-workshop and introduction to working with hot glass. After a short demo, we’ll guide participants in stretching and shaping the 2,000 degree glass to create a beautiful paperweight or object d’art. This hands-on studio session allows you to select and apply colors, twist and turn the molten glass, then shape the materials according to your creative vision. A unique and fun activity that the whole family can participate in (kids must be over 12).  The perfect introduction to the glass studio-also a great choice for group events!

All participants will take home a beautiful glass object that they have made.  No prior glass experience needed.  All glass creations must anneal overnight and will be ready for pick-up the next day (shipping available).

April Special!
Glass Egg Workshop, April 8th and 15th, just in time for Easter!

Advance Reservation Prices
Glass Egg Workshop: $85
Paperweight Workshop: $85
Glass Heart Workshop: $85

Glass Bird Workshop: $110

Blown Cup or Vase Workshop: $130
Blown Floppy Bowl Workshop: $130

Workshops in session most Saturdays. Call to discuss scheduling other days or for private group events.


Basic Offhand Glassblowing

Requires minimum 5 class commitment.

Hands-on instruction in the basics of blown glass and glass sculpting:
vocabulary, introduction to use of tools and equipment, properties of the glass medium; techniques for manipulating hot glass to achieve desired results.
Classes will be small with supportive and personalized
instruction in a team environment.

In each session students will learn how to safely work with molten glass,
gather glass from the furnace, apply color, blow out and/or sculpt and

Examples of objects that we will make: paperweights, marbles, vessel
forms (cups/vases/bowls/plates). Each student will take home several objects
that they have made themselves over the 5 sessions. Students will leave the
class with new ideas, techniques, and concepts for further work in glass.

These 2+ hr sessions are available on a drop-in basis with advance purchase of 5-class card. Ongoing  classes will meet Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings; each class will be structured in a way that that doesn’t require sequential attendance. In other words, students can come on any five Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. Class card expires after one year.

Advance registration for 5 sessions: $300

Classes in 2016 meet Tuesdays,  3pm to 5pm and/or Wednesdays, 6pm to 8pm

Intermediate Glass: Challenges and Solutions

This class offers advice and strategies to problems commonly encountered
by the intermediate glass blower. In this 2 day hands-on workshop, we
will address the following topics:

  • Setting up a good bubble
  • How to choose a bubble setup for different kinds of work
  • Popping a bubble without using the marver
  • How to fix a setup
  • Avoiding thin bottoms
  • Punty problems–the transfer and knock off
  • Thick lips
  • Thin lip wraps

Additionally you will learn:

  • Why you really need a soffietta
  • Using the dreaded blow hose
    • Choosing the right pair of jacks for the job

Intermediate Glass Workshop: $600

Call for scheduling.

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